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About The Team

A compassionate and supportive healthcare staffing family, dedicated to providing top-quality care and fostering a rewarding work-life balance for both staff and clients.

Dominic, CEO

I started Rubicon Staffing because it allows us to make a positive impact on the lives of patients, their families & the community. By providing top-quality healthcare professionals; We are contributing to the well-being and care of those in need. This sense of fulfillment is incredibly rewarding.

Shaylee, Director Of Human Resources

I've loved being a part of the Rubicon Staffing team and being able to watch it grow from our early beginnings. There is nothing better than being able to help our nursing staff cultivate a schedule that is rewarding and beneficial to them! We have an amazing team who really make a difference and help out when it is needed the most!

Mikayla, Director Of Recruitment

There are many avenues one can work in the nursing world. I’m so blessed to be apart of Rubicon Staffing, I enjoy being able to apply my knowledge & experience working in healthcare industry & help provide new opportunities for others!Rubicon Staffing takes pride to provide support, communication, compassion to our employees & facilities to be able to provide the most optimal patient care!

Alli, Staffing Director

I have worked for Rubicon Staffing for 2 years & I absolutely love it!The flexibility & work-life balance is like non other!I truly believe Rubicon has the most caring & compassionate team, from management to nursing staff.

Wendy, Staffing Director

Rubicon feels like less of a company and more of a family. We care about each other and our employees. We help each other by communicating and providing the right training for our staff. So they are able to have a great experience and be able to provide the proper care when working for us. I love how Rubicon is 24/7, someone is always there to answer any questions. Rubicon over all is an AMAZING company to be part of!

Whitney, Payroll/Credentialist

Working for Rubicon Staffing is great because I always feel supported by the team and I know I can depend on others to help me out when needed! With having a small team we really rely on each other and it's great to know we are all there for each other to lean on! I enjoy working in the healthcare industry because it will always be there and I'm happy that we are able to help others in many different ways.